Holiday Crafting: D*ck In A Box Ken Dolls


Tiny JT & Little AS wish you a wonderful holiday season. Don’t peek inside the box until Christmas… and wait for the kids to leave the room.

I aspire to be crafty, and thanks to Pinterest and and the idiot-proof project kits I buy from Paper Source sometimes I get close. But a few years ago when my dad declared that all he wanted was a handmade gift for Christmas I was stumped. It was exactly like the episode of “Friends” where Chandler tried to make Monica a Valentine’s Day present, only he had better ideas than me. I had nothing.

THEN inspiration hit me. My dad absolutely loved the Saturday Night Live Skit “Dick In A Box” starring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. Could I make him his very own tiny JT, complete with box? I was going to try!

It was actually easier than I thought. Because you can pretty much buy anything at Target, I only had to make one stop. I bought a few Ken dolls (leaving room for errors), a swanky “Date Night Ken” outfit set, a fine-point Sharpie pen and a box of ribbon (for the box, not the ribbon) and I was ready to roll!

Making the doll was SO easy. Really. It took less than an hour and it is a fun crafting project for the whole family. Here’s how…


Tiny JT insisted we stop so he could stock up on what he called, “essential holiday supplies.”

Step One: The box was the hardest part, I paid more for a small box of sequin ribbon at Target (just for the box – it was the perfect size!) than anything else and wrapping it was a pain. But I did it. So essentially find a tiny box and wrap it like a gift.

Step Two: I stole the gold thread from a ornament to make his gold chain. It was incredibly fine so I had to just tape it on his neck versus trying to tie it.

Step Three: Intricately draw his 90s-era Boy Band beard with the Sharpie.

Step Four: I used wire to attach the box around his, um, junk… Double-sided tape works well, also.

I was ready to roll! I named him Tiny JT and decided he needed a photo shoot, natch. So we went around town and took pictures, which I included in a photo album when I gave my dad his gift (which – duh! – he loved). The following Christmas we decided he was lonely so my husband and I repeated the creative process with a dark haired Ken Doll and made his partner, Little AS. I may be biased, but I think they are pretty cool!

justin timberlake doll

The boys helped Santa with his reindeer.

We decided to continue the photo fun and took the boys home to San Francisco so we could snap some touristy shots, such as in front of the Golden Gate bridge. But we got busy and they were packed away with our Christmas decorations, and I just pulled them out the other week. And then I remembered they actually belonged TO MY DAD and I basically STOLE HIS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Oops.

Dad, I will bring them back to you. Just as soon as we take those photos at the Golden Gate bridge!


Ruby the cow was NOT impressed.


He insisted on paying! (With MY credit card, but whatever.)

dick in a box at trader joes

Helping with the holiday shopping. He is such a California boy, he even remembered to bring his own bags!


Even though he knew the lamp was fra-gee-lay he could NOT keep his hands off of it!


Holiday volunteering! Bring it on down to homelessville!


Obviously HE chose the road tunes.


  1. Nancy Vieira
    Nancy VieiraReply
    December 21, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    Still, the most talked about Chrustmas gift your dad ever got!

  2. Pam Shields
    Pam ShieldsReply
    December 21, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    My heart is a flutter for Tiny JT is out and about! Thanks Becky!

    • Becky
      December 21, 2015 at 5:11 pm

      Pam, the next time I am feeling crafty I will have to make you one! xx

  3. Jamie
    December 23, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    there really are no words for your creativity.

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